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Evidence required in the event of a dispute

T. Stencel

Adjudicators discussing evidence

What are the evidence required by the Deposit resolution adjudicators in the event of a dispute?

If you happen to find yourself in the unfortunate situation of going to a dispute at the end of a tenancy, it will be very handy to have the following items of evidence on hand.

Firstly, The Tenancy Agreement - This will be used to establish the contractual agreement between Landlord and Tenant. Obligations between parties are found written here and will provide crucial information to any Adjudicator seeking to settle a dispute.

Secondly, Inventory Reports, Check in and check out reports - It is important that these reports are descriptive, well laid out and any amendments noted during the tenancy have been duly recorded. Reports that are prepared by Independent Inventory Clerks will be seen as unbiased and impartial. A landlord prepared inventory may not necessarily be dismissed, but further corroborating evidence may be required if any questions of potential bias come up.

Third, Photographic proof - Good quality images. Before and after photos which are date stamped. Defects pointed out and easily discernible to the Adjudicator. Example below.

Fourth, Invoices and Receipts - These are required in the event any repair work has been carried out.

Fifth, Professional Cleaning Charges - An invoice should be kept. If a property has been professionally cleaned at the beginning of a tenancy it is reasonable to expect it cleaned to the same standard at check out. Additionally if a property is left in a complete mess at the end of a tenancy and the landlord has hired a cleaning contractor, an invoice would need to be produced.

Sixth, Rent Account Statements, Utility bills and Council Tax - This would be need to seen if there are any disputes relating to rent arrears or utilities.

Seventh, Standard Agency Charges - Standard agency charges that deducted from the deposit must be fully explained to the tenant. Tenants may also challenge these. Please contact us for further information on this.

And Finally, Witness Statements - Witness Statements or letters in support may be submitted to the Adjudicator for consideration.