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The property check in

The check- in, when performed with the renter, reduces the chance of a dispute at the end of the tenancy. The tenant, by signing the report, shows their agreement to the condition of the flat or the house.

If they are not made aware of the property move in/ inventory report or given opportunity to make amendments, the report may become redundant.

The document, which is produced as a result of the check - in, is also an important record of any changes that may have happened since the time of the inventory. Examples of this would include any recent maintenance that has been carried out by the landlord and/ or further cleaning to areas that were missed around the time of the inventory.

  • What does our check in report look like?

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A completed property check in

How are the beginning of tenancy move in reports carried out?

Please see below the steps involved, when carrying out a property check in service
clerk meeting a tenant or representative

Meeting the tenant or tenant representative

Our London based, independent property inventory clerk will meet either the tenant, landlord or the tenant representative at the property, at the agreed date and time, to carry out the property check in.

Any discrepancies found from the inventory report at the time of the appointment will be noted and recorded onto the new check in report. The document will include a written description and condition as well as supplementary photographs taken by the clerk and the tenant.

The smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms will also be noted and tested for audio at the time of the check in as per regulations. 

Gas meter and reading

Utility meter readings and manuals

During the check in process all relevant utility meter locations (usually including electric, gas, heating and water) will be pointed out to the incoming tenants or the tenant representative. Meter readings, alongside with their serial numbers, will be agreed, recorded and photographed at the time of the appointment.

The incoming tenant will then need to sign up with the utility companies and provide their new recorded meter readings. 

If there are any appliance manuals at the property, our clerk will hand them over to the incoming tenants.

tenants signing the declaration

Signing the declaration and handing over keys

Once the check in appointment is nearly completed, the tenant / representative and/or landlord will need to sign a declaration document, stating that they agree with the detailed content of the inventory check- in report and that they agree with the additional comments/ findings, if any.

This is an important step and the document will become a legally binding agreement.

The tenant will also sign a key handover form, which lists all the keys that they are given by the inventory clerk at the time of the check in. All keys are tested by the clerk, to make sure they are working.