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The check out process

The purpose of the end of tenancy check out report, is to formulate an accurate assessment of the condition of the property when the tenants move out.

Failure to provide a check out report can prove highly problematic in the event there are any damages or missing items in the property.

There will be no documented proof of the condition of the property and therefore it would be difficult to prove tenant liability, in the event of a dispute.

It is therefore very important to have a tenant check out report which may be compared with the original inventory and schedule of condition, to avoid this situation.

Our check out reports are thorough and compared with the original Inventory and schedule of condition report. Suggested advice is noted on the report which includes comments on if an item or fixture requires maintenance, is damaged and requires replacement, or requires repainting or redecorating.

  • What does our check out report look like?

    Below you can find our two sample check out reports.

People sitting down and looking at the laptop

What do we inspect?

The following areas (examples) are inspected by our independent clerks during the check out process. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive, and we recommend you view our sample check out report by clicking on one of the links above
A cleaner cleaning


Most disputes arise due to the standard of cleanliness that the property is left in, at the end of the tenancy.

It is therefore important to note and agree the standard of cleanliness both at check in and check out. It is also highly recommended to have professional cleaning slips/ itemized invoice on hand if required, to prove this.

Kitchen overview

Kitchen Appliances

The inventory clerk will inspect all kitchen appliances, to ascertain if there is any damage or missing parts that are visible to the eye.

Examples of these include cracked/broken missing fridge and freezer drawers, broken oven seals, mould to the washing machine seals, non- working light bulbs.

painted white room with double doors


The decorative condition of the property is fully inspected at the time of the check out, and, compared against the original inventory report with the following points noted.

Water leak stains or potential leaks, modified areas to walls including shelf fittings, nails, blue -tack marks and unauthorized picture hook fittings, nails or screws. Excessive scuff marks, indents and/ or chips. Cleaned up scuffs/ possible repainted areas.

Furnished living room with a carpet


Carpets should be professionally steam-cleaned or shampooed, if they were cleaned to the same standard at the start of tenancy.

Further inspection will be carried out to ascertain if there are any burn marks, leftover stains and/or moth damage. Floor tiles are inspected for cracks, chips and loose grouting. Laminate and wooden flooring is inspected for any excess heel indents, furniture movement marks and stains.