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The importance of an independent Inventory

T. Stencel

Independent inventory report

The advantage, and importance, of having a professional independent inventory report drawn up cannot be underestimated. A poorly recorded or written report may leave the landlord with no foundation for a claim.

A landlord may construct his own inventory but there are 2 major disadvantages that pertain to this.

Firstly - Detail

A property inventory report needs to be highly detailed to stand up in court. Fixtures and fittings need to be objectively analyzed with a critical eye. Here is an example of a detailed description and analysis of the condition of an item. Lets take a look at a pair of curtains in the reception room.

Description: 1 x Set of grey, chenille effect, pinch pleated curtains with white back linings mounted on a white acrylic curtain rail with pull cables and wall mounted toggle.

Condition: The curtains are above floor length, there is a small tear at mid-level to the interior back lining of the left curtain. The curtains are clean and in working order

Here we leave no doubt to how the curtains look and in what condition they are in. We have also specified the length of the curtains. This is very important because if they were over floor length curtains for example, the tenant would not be liable for any cleaning charges ( at the check out) , as these curtains would be dragging across the floor and getting soiled during the tenancy. In this instance the landlord would have to foot the cleaning cost. A landlord could save money here by shortening the curtains and cleaning them pre - tenancy. If the curtains were now found soiled at the check out, this would be at the liability of the tenant.

Secondly - Bias

The report may simply not be taken as 100% fact for the reason that the landlord has a obvious vested interest in his/ her own property.

To summarize,  a well drawn up inventory protects your most expensive investment, your property. And most importantly, gives you peace of mind.