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Stencel Inventories Business terms

Business terms and conditions set by Stencel Inventories

Business Terms and Conditions

“The Clerk” means Terry Stencel or the person or persons appointed by Terry Stencel to inspect the Premises for the purpose of preparing the property Inventory or carrying out Check in or Check out procedure

“The Premises” means the house, flat or other property, the contents of which are to be listed in the Inventory

“The Inventory” means the list of the items at the Property to be prepared in accordance with the following Conditions

1. All items listed in the inventory are considered to be in good and clean condition unless otherwise stated

2. The inventory document is not a building survey and will not comment on the fabric of the building

3. The clerk is not an expert in decorations, furnishings, fabrics etc. and is presenting only alayman’s description of these items. Items will not be identified by the period produced,or the materials used in the fabrication of these items

4. The clerk will not test any electrical appliance, utility or other appliance and will not know if these items are in working order or comply with current safety regulation

5. The property inventory may state when an item has been noted as having the Furniture and Furniture (fire safety) regulation tag, It should not be assumed that other items not stated though, comply with this regulation. Compliance of these regulations is the onus of the landlord/ agent and the clerk cannot be held responsible through noncompliance of these parties

6. The clerk will not inspect lofts, cellars etc. or the contents therein

7. Gardens/ Outside areas will only be inspected if there is sufficient natural lighting. Landlord`s and agents are advised to take this into account especially during the winter months. House plants, garden plants will not be inspected. Garden shed items will only be listed if they are assumed to have a value of over £20 eg. a lawnmower. Other items will be grouped together

8. Mattresses will be inspected to the topside and underside (where possible), but will not be inspected if the bed is already made up

9. Carpets and rugs will be inspected to ascertain if they are clean, so that burns, stains and other marks can be ascertained. Heavy furniture will not be moved around to inspect under sofa`s or beds. If noticeable signs of furniture movement are present at the check out, the clerk will do his best to ascertain if this is the result of the concealment of stain, burns etc.

10. Windows are not checked to see if they are in operational condition. They will be visually inspected for defects, cracks etc. It is the tenant`s responsibility to inform the landlord/ agent if a window does not open or close correctly

11. Items in `Dwarf ` cupboards or on top of kitchen cupboards, or in any unreachable area, will not be inspected and will be listed as Not inspected in the inventory document

12. Any discrepancies regarding the accuracy of the report must be brought to the attention of Stencel Inventories within 7 days of receipt of the report. Otherwise the report will be accepted as accurate

13. Turnaround time is between 24-72 hours for reports

14. Smoke detectors are tested if accessible. It is the responsibility of the tenant to perform regular checks on smoke detectors.

Payment Terms

1. The clerk reserves the right to terminate a booking if Professional cleaning or maintenance is underway at the time of the inventory. A 50% cancellation charge will be charged in this event

2. Receipts may need to be produced at the end of a tenancy for item/s that have been professionally cleaned. The landlord/ agent is advised to have these on hand if needed

3. If the clerk is unable to access the property at the time of the engagement, a 50% abortive fee will be invoiced to the instructing party

4. Stencel inventories must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any change to the date or time of the booking. A 50% cancellation charge is applicable if not

5. Additional charges may be incurred if the property is found to have more rooms than stated on the reservation. This also applies to properties that are furnished but have been stated as unfurnished. Extra rooms are charged at a flat rate of £10 U/F and £15 F/F

6. Private landlord`s will only be issued the qualifying inventory make/ check in/out report when full payment has been received. An invoice will be sent out to the instructing principal on completion of the job. The terms of contract between a letting agent and Stencel inventories allows 28 days for payment from receipt of invoice

7. Sunday bookings are charged a surcharge of £20 per booking

8. Congestion charge for central London bookings at a flat rate of £15

    Tenants Check out guidance notes

    It is fully expected that the property will have been restored to it`s original condition with any cleaning, maintenance or repairs completed.

    All items must be returned to their original positions as indicated on the inventory. Any items packed away during the tenancy, must be unpacked, cleaned and returned to their places. Beds should not be made up as the mattresses need to be inspected. Bedding and linen should be cleaned.

    The inventory will be checked and any discrepancies in the condition of the property or items will be noted. After making allowance for what is considered as fair wear and tear, the tenant may be liable to pay for repairs, replacement or cleaning of such noted items, by way of an agreed deduction from the security deposit.

    Fair wear and tear will be assessed on the length of the tenancy, number of occupants etc.

    The tenant must have properly vacated the property at the time of the inspection

    Gardens - Should be properly maintained and in good order

    Floors - Cleaned, stains removed and vacuumed. Professionally steam cleaned as regards to contractual obligations

    Decorations - After normal fear wear and tear is taken to account, any excessive marks, fittings, holes etc. you may be charged for. It is highly recommended to get permission from either the landlord or agent before mounting any additional fittings

    Beds - These are examined for stains, marks and excessive wear. Please leave all beds unmade at the time of the check out

    Doors - Keys missing, broken locks, cracked panels

    Electrical items - Cleanliness, damage, if light bulbs are in operational order

    Furniture - Cleanliness, stains and marks, damage, missing items. The agent or the landlord must be informed of any additional items left behind or missing. Tenants could be liable for removal and replacement costs

    Crockery and cutlery - Damage, missing items, cleanliness. Any items packed away during the tenancy must be unpacked and returned to their original places

    Linen- Cleanliness, pressed

    Outside areas - removal of rubbish, cleanliness